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Cleaning Four Of The Most Common Household Stains

No matter how meticulous and careful you are in your daily life, accidents can happen; you can spill beverage and splash some stains in your home furnishings and furniture. The key is to keep your stuff clean before they slip through the surface and stain permanently, but most often than not, for various reasons, we simply wipe the major stains and forget the details.

This entry will teach you how to get rid of four of the most common household stains before they start to stick in your home furnishings for good.


Cleaning Up Coffee Stains

Coffee is one of the most important parts of almost everyone’s morning routine, which is why problems on coffee stains aren’t surprising at all. To take off coffee stains from your carpet, simply wipe it off by damping cold water in a sponge. Paper towels are also good in taking off coffee stains in carpets. If both these things don’t work, you can use a gentle carpet shampoo.

For coffee stains stuck in upholstery items, do the same step as you would in carpets. For clothes or fabric surfaces, soak the material in water then remove the stain using a stain removing solution. Wash the item in hot water. It is best to remove coffee stains while they’re still wet.


Taking Off Curry Stains

Curry is a nice comfort food, but it’s also bad when it stains. For clothes and fabric, spray stain remover and then wash the item as normal. For heavier items like carpets, use a specifically designed stain remover for carpet and then wash then it using carpet shampoo. Again, the key is to act and clean the item quickly, before the stain starts to seep through.


Taking Off Pet Urine Stain

This is one of the most common complaints among pet owners, but don’t’ despair, as pet urine stains are easy to take off, including their smell. To do it, blot up the urine using paper towels first. Then, use a plain soda water to blot it again. Alternatively, you can finish blotting the stain using a solution of water and vinegar; this is best for neutralizing the smell of your pet’s urine. If you want to do things easier, then use a special animal cleaning product to take the urine off.


Taking Off Pen Stains

For homes with toddlers and kids learning to write, pens and pencil stains can be huge problems for furniture and home furnishings. To deal with these kinds of stains, use a lighter solution of hydrogen peroxide; that’s a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 6 parts water. Then, wash the item using a shampoo. You can opt for milk if you hydrogen peroxide is not readily available.

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How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaner For Your Cleaning Needs

Hiring professional cleaners is the perfect way to save your self from all the hassles and stress of cleaning and at the same time, ensure that the cleaning is being done right. But with tens of choices in your local area, how do you choose the perfect company for your cleaning needs? Here are important things you need to look for to help you decide:


The Products the Cleaner Use

You want to consider this thing to ensure cleaners provide not just clean environment, but more importantly, safe and sanitary. This is practically important, especially if you have kids and pets around or you suffer from any kinds of allergies.


The Cleaning Cost

This is one of the common things that cause people to have second thoughts on hiring professional cleaners for their home or commercial cleaning needs – the cost of the cleaning service. What is the expected price range for the kind of service you asked? Does the cleaner charge per hour or per cleaning visit? Do you pay the cleaner directly or do you pay to his or her company? It is important to answer these questions so you would know what to expect.

Cleaning companies who provide high-quality and special cleaning products for specialized cleaning may charge more overall, this is something you should also need to consider. Also, you need to know exactly what they include and/or exclude in their service and the particular service that you asked for and how additional services adds up to your total bill.

Specialized cleaning such as glass and window cleaning may charge extra, so if you want these tasks from the cleaner, it’s best that you speak to them before hand.


Make Sure That The Cleaner and His Company Is Insured and Security Checked

It goes without saying that you need to make sure your chosen cleaning or cleaning company is insured, fully (on the off chance that their cleaner may break or damage something inside your home).

Also, you want to make sure that the cleaner who will provide the service is fully security screened, and that he or she has the appropriate police checks done. This will ensure you that the cleaner is legit and honest, and that you can leave him or her in your home and do the cleaning without worrying.

You can also ask the cleaner to provide you some references from his present and previous clients, and these people should be contactable, so you can ask about the services and reputation of your cleaner. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Cleaning Your Whole House Through Steam Cleaning

Vacuuming is good when you talk about day-to-day cleaning, but most often than not, even the best vacuums in the world can’t get rid of all the dirt and grime that accumulates and seep through your carpet, curtains, and upholstery.

To make things worse, vacuuming doesn’t really remove all those harmful dust mites that are responsible for causing nasal allergies, etc. As soon as you know how it works, the answer will be clear.


How Steam Cleaning Works

The key to a steam cleaner’s efficacy lies in how it heats water to a very high temperature, convert the water to steam, and then force the steam deep into the carpet and other surfaces of the cleaning.

This mechanism works for two things:

One is that it takes off clingy and grimy objects, like grease and oil, from any surfaces, and it does it in a very environmentally friendly way.

Second is that, the steam kills disease-causing bacteria, dust, fungi, mites, and other allergens that may have stick into the surfaces, keeping everybody inside your home safe.

Because the efficacy of steam cleaning depends on the ability of the machine to heat the water properly and turn it into bacteria-killing steam, it is best to either let professional home clears do the carpet cleaning for at least twice a year.

Well, if you have the budget, you can purchase a high-quality steam cleaner. This however, can be a hassle, as there will be a lot of learning curves to learn to use the machine effectively. If you don’t have the budget to get one, you can also rent a good quality steam clear in your local equipment shop though.


Steam Cleaning The Whole House

Steam cleaning is crucial in keeping carpets clean and sanitary, and to lesser extent, including curtains, upholstery, and other surfaces with porous fabric. With the right equipment and attachments, you can do the cleaning, even in hard surfaces.

Here are more ways to use the steam cleaner:

In kitchens, steam cleaning lino and vinyl floors will easily remove stubborn stains. You can also use the machine to clean splashbacks and remove stains in other hard surfaces, such as grease and oils stains in cook tops.

In your bathroom, you can use the steam cleaner to remove mineral deposits caused by soaps and shampoo residue trapped between tiles and stains the shower screen glass. Steam is also great in removing and sanitizing the bathtub, sink basin, and the toilet.

Using the details and specialty attachments, you can find a lot of uses of a steam cleaner machine, such as cleaning exhaust hoods, fridge’s door seal, degreasing cook top and ovens, and any surfaces that are normally hard to clean.

Steam cleaner is also great for removing sticky chewing gums, yellow stains caused by cigarette and tobacco smoke.

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean and sanitize the house, but it’s not an easy way to clean. If you’re unsure of what to do, then contact your local professional home cleaners and save yourself and your home furnishings and furniture from troubles.

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10 Easy and Fast Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the house is certainly one of our least favorite things to do, but it is something that has to be done, as least weekly. Cleaning the entire house can be tedious and stressful, but did you know you can simplify the process and make it a lot less stressful? Here are some cleaning tips for fast, easier, and more effective cleaning.


First Tip

Are there any gummy residues that you can simply take off? Use a little eucalyptus oil to rub it and it will come straight off.


Second Tip

A little dab or essential oil, such as lavender, placed next to the vent of the vacuum cleaner or bag of the vacuum cleaner, is one good way to leave the room smell good after vacuuming. The air that comes off the exhaust will warm the oil, leaving pleasant smell behind.


Third Tip

The microwave is one of the most tedious home appliances to clean. But did you know you can actually clean it in as fast as 5 minutes? Take a safe microwave container and mix 4 tablespoons of lemon juice to a cup of water. Microwave that mixture for 5 minutes. Take the container off from the appliance, wait for a short time to cool down the inside, and then wipe the microwave using a clean soft cloth.


Fourth Tip

Tired of looking at fingerprints left on your stainless steel surfaces? Use a couple or more drops of oil on a paper towel to rub the surface area gently. Those unsightly prints will disappear right away.


Fifth Tip

We all love our pets; they are our companions inside the house. However, their furs can be very unsightly, especially when they stick to your clothes from the furniture. Rub home furniture using a damp rubber gloves to take off those furs left behind.


Sixth Tip

Kill and remove moulds using clove oils. The first thing you need to do is clean the mould from the surface, and then wipe the area using a diluted mix of clove oil and water.


Seventh Tip

Clean glass surfaces and mirrors using white vinegar and paper towels, then rub the surface lightly to leave a sparkling clean and streak-free surface.


Eight Tip

Baking soda and water combine perfectly for a clean fridge. It can remove odors and won’t leave your fridge smell like some chemicals are left behind.


Ninth Tip

For a fresh-smelling sink, pour some vinegar and then follow up with some bi carb soda. Leave it for 15 minutes, and then leave a jug of boiling water down the sink.


Tenth Tip

Leave your room clean and fresh by using a little fabric conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle. Spray your little solution on curtains and soft furnishings, and voila! Your room will smell amazing.

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Your Options For Carpet Cleaning

If your precious carpet needs a good and thorough cleaning, it’s always better to let professionals do the cleaning than do it yourself, or you’ll risk damaging that carpet for good.

There are many ways to clean a carpet, and it depends on the type of carpet you have and the kind of cleaning it needs. Here are some carpet cleaning options available at your disposal.


Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning is much more complicated than it seems. There’s a long process, which starts from removing dirt and grime (which often times can’t be removed by vacuuming alone), removing stains and disease-causing bacteria and viruses, to taking care of the carpet and keeping it in good shape. The whole process requires not just the right cleaning tools and cleaning products, but the right ways to do it.

There are two basic types of carpet cleaning; the Dry Carpet Clean and Carpet Steam Clean.
Know the difference between the two.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Shampoo
This method is often called “carpet shampoo” or “dry” method, as it usually leaves little or even no moisture behind. This cleaning method is done by using a special type of shampoo to the carpet; this shampoo has high levels of foam and very little moisture. They’re applied using a cylindrical or rotary carpet cleaning machine. Carpets are then left to dry overnight, and then vacuumed to remove moisture and shampoo residue.

Absorbent Cleaners
This cleaning method is also called as “carrier” method, as it carries soil with it when the floor is vacuumed after the application. Absorbent cleaners may contain some moisture as well as solvents and detergents, which are all can be absorbed by the carrier.

Steam Cleaning Methods
Though it’s true that carpet cleaning machines make use of water as its principle cleaning agent usually produce steam, it is not that does the cleaning. Today, professional cleaners prefer to call this method “hot water extraction” or better known as “encapsulation” to describe their services more accurately.

Hot Water Extraction
This is the standard steam cleaning method, and it requires the use of a carpet cleaning machine which heats water and forces it into the carpet as brushes clean the carpet fibers to extricate and remove soil ad dirt trapped between carpet fibers. This process involves the use of solvents and some chemicals to effectively clean the carpet from any left debris.

Also known as “low moisture encapsulation” is a newer method for carpet cleaning, and it involves the use of hot water and special chemicals that “encapsulates” or trap soil, dirt, grime, and/or grease. What this method really does is convert oily and sticky substances into crystals, making them easier to remove through vacuum. It leaves low moisture as its super-heater water vapor evaporates fast.

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How A Professional Home Cleaner Can Help You Save Money

Cleaning is not just a tedious, depending to the scope of area you want to be cleaned, the type of cleaning it requires, and the equipments and tools to do the job right, cleaning can be very expensive as well.
You may even spend a fortune in both time and money, but can’t really do it perfectly. Well, the good news is that, you don’t need to shoulder all the responsibility of cleaning your home yourself.

This may sound a bit odd, but you can actually save a lot of money in hiring a professional commercial cleaner to do the job for you.


Here are some advantages why home cleaners are great options:

They Help You Save Time and Money
We’ve all heard it before “time is gold” it may sound clichéd, but it’s undeniably true. How much time do you spend cleaning your home yourself? Do you still have enough time to do other more important stuff after cleaning? Most often than not, your answer is no.
This is where a professional home cleaner can be of great help to you – hire a cleaner and save your precious time for better and more important things, such as spending quality time playing with your kids, finishing your work, getting a hobby, etc.

You Spare Yourself from Buying Expensive Cleaning Products
Cleaning solutions and products are getting more and more expensive; it’s evident every time you go to the grocery for shopping. When you hire a cleaner, you save yourself from buying all these products, as they use their own resources to do the service.
That’s hundreds of dollars saved from buying toilet cleaners, oven cleaners, floor cleaners, cleaning sprays, etc.

Cleaners Keep Your Household Items In Good Condition
Repairing and replacement for household items can be very costly, and often times, they result from lack of cleaning. Also, when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, there’s a huge chance you might damage your household items or break them for good. Last thing you want from your cleaning is to break and damage items inside your house.

The solution? Well, professional home cleaners are well trained in cleaners who can deliver the service safely. They have special cleaning techniques and use specific items for cleaning specific items and places inside your house safely, keeping your household items in good shape.


A Clean Home Keeps You and Your Whole Family Healthy

If you realize you suffer from asthma and allergies often, then you may have also realized that may be you’re not keeping your house clean enough. Cleaning isn’t just about keeping dirt and dust off things, it’s also keeping items germ-free and sanitary.

Dirty corners and items inside your house are the favorite breeding grounds of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Professional cleaners will keep your home not just clean, but more importantly, sanitary.

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Quotes For Pressure Cleaning Services

No matter how hard or how often you sweep your pavers and driveway, stubborn dirt and grime will always get ground into its porous surface overtime, be it concrete or stone. While rain can be your friend, as it can wash off the dirt on your roof, they can also trigger the growth of algae and mould.

Your establishment or house’s walls is no different, overtime, it will accumulate dirt that can be really hard to remove. For these outdoor cleaning needs and more, the best solution there available is pressure cleaning solution.


Why You Need To Get Quotes For Pressure Cleaning Services

Why you need to get quotes for your pressure cleaning needs when you can always buy a cheap pressure cleaner in your preferred DIY store or hardware store, or simply hire a pressure cleaner from your local hire shop? Well, here are the good reasons why:

Cheap and portable pressure cleaners may be fine for simple cleaning, such as car wash in your garage. However, when it comes down to a cleaning task that requires a thorough attention of taking off dirt and grime, especially in areas like driveways of pavers and bricks, you definitely need a high pressure cleaner, and they’re not cheap and easy to operate.

The second reason is that, by hiring professional cleaners, you are actually saving money in exchange for a cost-effective and safe cleaning. You may say you will save up for a more powerful pressure cleaner, but do you know how to use it in the first place? This type of cleaner can be very difficult to work with, as it can cause damage and may cause more problems if used in the wrong way, and it can be very dangerous.

Aside from a high-power pressure cleaner, your driveway also needs the right cleaning agent to come along with the machine to safely clean the areas you want to be cleaned.


Getting Pressure Cleaning Service Quotes

Pressure cleaning services is one of the most in demand cleaning service for both domestic and commercial applications. Some companies out there specialize in domestic cleaning, while others prefer large-scale cleaning, such as cleaning large establishments and special cleaning tasks like graffiti removal.

Depending on where you live, it can be a lot easier to get the services of a smaller local operation, but it will probably be more expensive in the long run. Also, on the other hand, you don’t want inexperienced individuals doing the cleaning in your valued establishment.

Like other trade or service, it is always good to hear other’s opinions. The rule of thumb here is to get at least three quotes from different commercial cleaning company. Of course you need to make sure you’re doing business with licensed and reputable companies.

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Getting Quotes From Commercial Cleaning Services

Does your office or house need a thorough cleaning?

If they do, then pick up your phone and call a commercial cleaning service and save yourself from the hassles and trouble of cleaning.

Cleaning service companies are companies made up of professional cleaners all trained to conduct thorough and commercial-grade cleaning in whatever building you want them to work on to. They’re becoming more and more popular, especially in large institutions, where sanitation insinuates healthy working environment. However, despite its obvious benefits, many people still have second thoughts on getting the services of professional cleaners, and one of the most common reasons is the cost for the service. How much does a commercial cleaning service really cost?


Here are a few tips to get your quotes:

Know the Type Cleaning Service You Need

There are tons of commercial and domestic cleaning services listed in service sites, some of the common services most cleaning firms offer are:

Home Cleaning – can be a scheduled or on call service, giving homeowners a thorough examination.

Office Cleaning – crucial for any type of office environment that needs hygienic working environment for both employees and clients.

Duct Cleaning – an example of specific cleaning service that may not be available in every cleaning firm and general cleaning services.

Graffiti Removal – a specialized service for commercial establishments.

Builder Clean-ups – used by both building contractors and private home builders to ensure a clean and readily livable place after the building construction.

These are just five common types out of the dozen or more types of cleaning service offers by most commercial cleaning firms. If you still can’t pinpoint the specific service you need, then your best bet is to phone a cleaning company to do the identification task for you.


Getting Your Cleaning Services Quotes

Tell The Company What You Need

The first thing you need to do in getting a cleaning quote is to tell the cleaning company exactly what you need, in a few words, such as “carpet cleaning” or “commercial window cleaning.”

Tell the company when and where you need their service. This includes the specific date and time you want them to do the cleaning and the address of the establishment.

Describe the scope of the work in details. How big should the cleaning be? Do you need a weekly service for your 3 bedroom house? Or is it a thorough commercial cleaning after a renovation?

If possible, email the company and attach the photograph of the property or specific area you want to be cleaned if you think if may help.

Most commercial cleaning companies will ask you to fill out a form online. This usually can’t take much of your time, all you have to do is make some clicks. Eve more, some sites offer instant quotes after you input necessary information.

After getting your quotes online, use the same discretion you used when getting a quote in person.

Make sure you read the quotes carefully and double-check all the listed things they’ve included in their list.

Ask if the cleaning company has the proper insurance in place to conduct the service.

Last but definitely not the least, make sure you work online with reputable organizations. Last thing you want is risk your property and waste your money in an incompetent and ineffective service.

Remember, you are not under any obligations to the commercial cleaning company until you decide for their service and sign the contract. Thus, if you have any questions, and things you want to clarify, make sure you call and ask them right away.

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Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning your home with a vacuum must be done every other day to ensure that you have gotten rid of all dust and grimes. However, this method of cleaning is often insufficient and there could be more dust left behind than you think.

The biggest concern with vacuum cleaning is that all of the allergens remain inside your home and it could be potentially dangerous for the kids or the entire family.

For this reason, you might want to tap into a professional steam cleaning provider to ensure that your home is not only clean, but safe for your family’s health.

Steam cleaners have the ability to heat water to extreme levels of temperature. This temperature helps to create the steam that are forced into your furniture, carpet, upholstery, or other areas that vacuum cannot reach into. In fact, this method of cleaning is highly recommended for removing oil and other greasy materials off of the surfaces of your home furniture. In the process, grimes, allergens, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms are killed in the process.

The benefits of a steam cleaning service depend on the quality of the steam cleaner used. Hence, tapping into a professional home cleaner could be a wise decision because you can expect professional cleaning results without having to buy the equipment yourself.


Most professional services also use various attachments on the steam cleaner for it to perform a wide range of cleaning services and to become useful in several areas of the home.


There are several areas in the house wherein steam cleaning works best. For instance, the bathroom can have mineral deposits in them, especially in the tiles and shower screen glass. Steam cleaning these areas of the bathroom can give you peace of mind knowing that they are not only looking clean, but also free from microbes and other harmful microorganisms.

You can also have a professional cleaner perform steam cleaning on your kitchen. This can help eliminate stubborn stains that had formed on the cook top, vinyl floors, and other parts of the kitchen.

On the other hand, cleaning these areas manually can entail a lot of work on your part. It can take days using manual scrubbing and cleaning tools. And yet, that would not even guarantee satisfactory results as compared to when you are using a steam cleaner.


Steam cleaning is a convenient solution for hard to clean areas of the home, or those that which you might not have given much attention to. However, the cost of acquiring a steam cleaner for your home can be quite expensive so you need to tap into the services of a professional to save cost.

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Top 5 Excuses Cleaners Use And How To Do Away With Them

A good professional cleaning service company doesn’t work with excuses, and if they do, they will pay it back by finishing the job with the same quality of service.

However, there are times when their employees don’t live up to their company’s name, which can be really frustrating.

Here are 5 of the most common excuses cleaners say and tips on how to do away with them:


It’s out of our scope, we don’t get paid for doing that

If you want it to be cleaned, then it should be cleaned.

However, there are times where cleaners forget about the specifics of the deal. Most companies review the scope document of their clients after the first 30 days, then every 90 days after that. This is the time where both parties can indicate which items should be included or excluded in the cleaning. However, after a year or two of starting, everybody forgets about the agreed details.

This is why it’s very important to have a detailed document that should be checked every 90 days.

I didn’t get your message

This is called the ‘attitude of blame’ – pointing fingers to others.
A good cleaning service company should never have this attitude and should always put communication at the centre in everything they do.

We ran out of time

This is why you should never pay by the hour, rather, have a fixed price for the scope you want to have in place. As their client, it’s not your business if they spend 4 hours to finish an hour of cleaning; you’re paying a price for a definite outcome.

The company doesn’t pay me enough to do your request

There are cleaning companies out there that are basically just taking requests and outsourcing jobs to cleaners. They pay a fixed price to these cleaners, and if the cleaners aren’t happy with the price, expect to not be happy with the service as well.

To avoid this issue, make sure the cleaning service company you hire to clean your office is legitimate. Choose a reputable company that values its cleaners, and you can be sure you get an honest-to-goodness quality of service.

The cleaner was sick

It’s the job of the professional cleaning service company to cover all angles and spare you from the stress of thinking about it.

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